Campfire Safety

Whenever I think about my evening plans for my car camping trips they tend to revolve around a campfire. Whether I’m warming up, drinking, telling stories, or making s’mores, I know where I’ll be. Campfires are always fun but they can be dangerous if not handled properly. Since they are central to so many camping … Continue reading Campfire Safety

To Pack or Not to Pack…

Now that you’ve researched your destination it is time to think about what you’ll want to bring with you for the journey. This can easily become the most overwhelming part of your trip so I wanted to share a few tips with you to have a stress free, enjoyable experience. For starters, review your campsite … Continue reading To Pack or Not to Pack…

Where to First?

When I reached the resolution to start traveling more, specifically to go camping, one of the biggest obstacles was figuring out how I could manage a trip without taking PTO to do so. On social media I would see people taking extravagant, picture perfect camping trips in ‘Top 20’ destination areas. So naturally, I had … Continue reading Where to First?